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Don't Just Set Goals - Do This Instead


Joshua Simon Simon Says Achieving GoalsSetting goals is easy. The hard part is getting from Point A to Point B. The goals we set are simply the destination; Point B. There are a lot of things in-between those points that act as the roadmap to our success.

Every morning, I look at my goal sheet and figure out how to map my strategy and execute on those goals. I’ve created a set of commitments, directions, velocities, and a focus by which I can act on a daily basis. And these elements help me stay consistent in every action I take.

People often don’t even know these elements as they apply to their lives, which can mean the difference between success and’s a look at how I approach these four elements in life and in business, and how they can help you achieve your goals.


Establishing Your Commitments

To fully, and successfully achieve your goals, you need to establish firm commitments to the things you want to achieve on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You need to layout the things you know are going to help you move step-by-step closer to your goals, and you have to commit to maintaining those. But you also need to make commitments to those around you as well. Knowing the importance of the people around you, and committing to their successes will help serve as a base to fulfill your own goals.


Finding Your Directions

Reaching your goals can often start with a simple step in the right direction. It’s knowing what that direction is that will get you on your way. It’s about establishing a basis for the many little things that will lead you to the ultimate goal. Starting down a road of making simple improvements and focusing on small daily tasks will lead you to the next big improvement and the next major


Knowing Your Velocities

We all work differently and at different paces. We all manage time and tasks differently. Knowing your velocities is about determining the pace and the trajectory of striving to achieve your goals. You may often have to take a step back and analyze your timelines and timeframes. Determine what is achievable for you in a timeframe that is conducive to achieving the next goal.


Keeping Your Focus

Knowing your focus, and keeping it can often be one of the hardest tasks to maintain. It can be easy to get stressed, bogged down, and lose sight of what the end goal is. But establishing your focus, whether on the small tasks at hand, or the multitude of tasks that will build up to the end goal, will help you power through the distractions.

Without knowing our commitments, directions, velocities, and focus we often find ourselves reacting negatively to the pressures we face on a daily basis. These pressures force us to become very nearsighted and we lose focus of our end goals. By taking a thorough look at these four elements we can begin to put those goals back into focus. We can again try to find our next step, and the next step, and the next, and they will keep you on course to hitting those coveted goals and make you as successful as you can possibly be.

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