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4 Reasons a Preferred Developer Streamlines Your Project


Time is money. Time AND money are going to be important factors in deciding with whom, where, and when you develop your next real estate project.

Using a preferred developer, a partner in the commercial real estate development game can provide you a simplified, streamlined approach to a complicated development process.

The developer carries the burden of the project. So, instead of tying up capital and time in commercial real estate development, tenants can focus on growing their business. It saves the tenant time and resources allowing for greater expansion.

Here are four reasons why a commercial developer is able to streamline your project, allow you to focus on your business, and get you on the road to rapid expansion.

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A Coordinated Team

The lack of a coordinated team may delay the process, lead to additional costs, and threaten the success of the project.

Using an experienced development team that understands the requirements of the regulatory environment and the approval process can help tenants avoid some long and costly delays.

Additionally, a coordinated team means established processes to evaluate and select sites and develop property in an efficient manner and timeframe.

All of the Processes in One Place

From handling feasibility, underwriting, due diligence, and to the closing of the property during the acquisition phase, it all falls under the roof of the developer.

Working with architects, government officials, surveyors, and contractors can make for a lengthy and tedious development process. But using a preferred developer puts all of that under one roof, with one point of contact.

A Connected Network

If you ensure that the developer you choose has a strong professional network, then you’ll greatly benefit from that network.

A developer has experience with engineers, architects, general contractors, bankers, attorneys, and more. Having a connected network means developers are able to move more quickly and decisively in order to achieve project success.

One Lease, One Time

Instead of clogging up the real estate transaction and development process with multiple deals involving multiple parties, tenants can negotiate one lease, one time. It allows developer and tenant to create a standard lease, subject to only the particulars of a project and with limited variables.

Meaning, a preferred developer will allow you to complete deals quickly and efficiently without any major surprises or setbacks.

A preferred developer means a relationship that will help you reach your business goals. And streamlining a development project is just one way a developer can help further your expansion plans. Find out how a preferred developer can do more to benefit your business.

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