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New Build to Suit Dollar General in California


A preferred developer for Dollar General stores in California, SimonCRE is beginning construction of their third project within the state this year. The latest build to suit is in Wofford Heights, California, the growing tourist community nestled along the shores of Isabella Lake, an hour drive north of Bakersfield.

The 9,100 square foot store will be at the intersection of Wofford Boulevard and Marina Drive. Construction will be completed late this year with the store scheduled to open shortly thereafter.

A focus on supporting communities with a trade area of 4,500 or stronger, Dollar General is the largest small-box discount retailer in the country and is prominent in 42 states. The chain has a 75-year tradition of offering the most trusted consumer brands to its customers through its vast network of more than 11,000 retail locations. The successful retailer began in 1939 as a dry goods wholesaler that assisted retailers who were fortunate enough to survive the depression. Today, they serve millions of customers in an effort to provide each of them a better life.

Commercial real estate developer Joshua Simon, president of SimonCRE, has a similar mission in that he chooses to support small to medium sized communities with his development projects. Many of his recent projects are in communities with trade areas of 20,000 people or fewer. He focuses on these areas because development has a greater impact on residents – offering employment during the construction process, long-term employment from the retailer he helps create while giving the community a retail outlet that provides needed services.

“We’re eager to continue our preferred partnership with Dollar General in the state of California and are proud to work within the Wofford Heights community,” says Simon as the construction process gets underway. “We are confident that the addition from the nations largest retailer will have a positive impact on those that call the Wofford Heights community home.”

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