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Setting Up Shop: Breaking into New Markets with a Preferred Developer


Making the decision to set up shop in new markets is monumental, but it puts you in unfamiliar territory (literally). With a lot at stake and a number of unknowns, you likely have countless considerations.

But there are a number of ways to ease the burden. Working with a preferred developer can offer you advantages when expanding to new markets and beyond. Let’s take a look at just a few of them.

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Working with a preferred developer can help you:

Get Down to the Area’s Nitty Gritty

In general, market analysis is the base for every calculation and real estate decision that follows your plans to expand. When it comes to real estate development in new areas, there’s a lot of minutiae to sift through.

New projects involve a LOT of information - demographics, competition, the local real estate market, as well as dealing with an area’s intricacies and municipal requirements. A developer helps you get down to the nitty-gritty, so you can determine whether a new commercial development is feasible or not.

Generate Leverage

Using a developer with experience working in different markets (and especially if the developer has experience in THAT particular market), gives you some leverage in the development process.

Building off of diligent market analysis and overall experience, developers have the ability to maneuver and negotiate deals to help better position you within each transaction and within each market.

Avoid Dealing with New Problems in New Places

Entering new markets comes with its challenges. It’s a new, unfamiliar place. It means facing potential opposition, building new networks, working with new municipalities, and much more. However, when new problems DO arise (which they undoubtedly will), it’s good to know that someone has your back.

It’s difficult enough being the new kid on the block, so deferring the challenges that come with new development can help you better position yourself in the new market. A preferred developer is there to help you avoid some of the setbacks and deflect some of those challenges.

Conserve Resources

Expanding into new markets in new states can have a significant impact on your company structure and overhead. Finding ways to conserve your resources and focus on your business will ultimately help you down the line.

Instead of deploying and building teams to manage new markets in new states, a preferred developer will help keep your overhead lower as well as reducing your costs. They’ll likely have a network of resources already in place to assist in the process. Meaning you can conserve your resources and take advantage of what’s already been established.

Setting up shop in new markets, while it has its challenges, is one of the most exciting adventures for a company. What can make it even more rewarding is, finding the right people to partner with to help you make the most of it.

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