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5 Reasons to Hire a Preferred Developer


Hiring is NOT easy. You want to find the right mix of skill, competence, commitment, and quality. You want to make the best decision for you and your business.

Knowing WHY to hire someone is JUST as important as knowing who to hire.

That same sentiment applies to commercial real estate developers as well. With that in mind, let’s take a look at 5 reasons why hiring a preferred developer might be a good idea for you.

A customized strategy on MULTIPLE projects

Using a preferred developer means not only getting the expertise of a developer to handle your next project, but the next 5, 10, 20 projects. That means you can have a better outlook on your long-term business and expansion plans.

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Consistency and reliability

If your company is committing to a large rollout, you can be assured that a preferred developer is going to adapt their development process for you. The goal is to provide you, the tenant, consistency and reliability. All the development processes sit in one place, so you’re getting a consistent, reliable, streamlined approach to your large rollout plans.


A lasting relationship in the CRE field

Commercial real estate is known as a relationship business. From brokers to developers to contractors, forming lasting relationships enables you to get stuff done. Using a preferred developer creates a “go-to” – a partnership for your expansion plans. And the developer brings with it the network of relationships it’s formed in the industry.


The backing of an expert in the industry

A perk of using a commercial developer for your development needs is that development is what they do. Commercial real estate is their thing. A preferred developer offers expertise in the operational details of retail and real estate development. Add experience in finance, acquisitions, transaction structure, regulatory issues, entitlements, engineering, and construction, and you’ve got a pretty good partner in business.


Financial stability

Financing can often be the critical element in bringing complex projects to market. A developer with a long-standing history with financial institutions can offer tremendous financial stability in project development. A developer will both provide financial stability and bare the financial burden of a project, helping companies preserve their capital and keep their costs of doing business lower.

From streamlining your projects to reducing your expansion costs, a preferred developer may be the lasting partnership you need to help you see your business grow. Knowing when and why to hire is the first step towards building success.  

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