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What to Know When Ordering a Property Condition Assessment


Much like going to the doctor, a Property Condition Assessment (PCA) [video] during due diligence serves as an...

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Environmental Assessments Tips: When Faced With a Phase II

Commercial Real Estate Development Process

During the due diligence period for a single-tenant build to suit, if the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment...

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5 Can't-Miss Items During Due Diligence

Preferred Developer

Inevitably, the risk involved during a single-tenant build to suit development’s project life cycle is at its...

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5 Questions to Ask During Site Selection & Due Diligence

Site Selection

Perhaps the most overused real estate term to date, “location, location, location” still rings true today during the...

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How to Establish Accurate Site Valuation

Site Selection

Estimating the value of real estate is necessary for a variety of endeavors, including financing, sales listing,...

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Weaving Your Way Through Title Exceptions and Requirements

Due Diligence

Title to real estate is determined by the entire collection of documents that affect a particular property. A...

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