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GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum Names Joshua Simon an Influencer in Retail


Joshua Simon is named as one of GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum's "Influencers in Retail" for 2020.

Written by: GlobeSt. on May 1, 2020


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Like the rest of our influencer series, this group of retail specialists reflect special characteristics that have allowed them to make a mark on the industry.


We don’t, in other words, automatically pick the biggest companies or the most prolific teams — although they certainly can be found on the following pages. Rather, we look for individuals, teams and companies that have led to significant change.


We started this project well before the coronavirus began to infiltrate the U.S. economy. But in many ways, this list takes on a special meaning in the midst of the pandemic. With retail struggling to maintain a footing right now, the industry will need the best and the brightest to lead the way.


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