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GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum Names Joshua Simon a Net Lease Influencer


Joshua Simon is named as one of GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum's "Net Lease Influencers" for 2021.

Written by: GlobeSt. on Sept. 7, 2021


If you are a seller, the net lease space is a great industry to be in right now. Prices are rising, buyers are eager and money is circulating, ready to snap up both individual properties and portfolios. On the flip side, though, the market requires more careful steering. New entrants in the market are having difficulty sourcing transactions because it is so competitive. Did we mention that prices are rising?


And while there is a huge amount of money chasing deals, those deals are finite and not necessarily fitting investors’ criteria. The experts in this space, though, are old hands at just about any scenario the market can deliver. One interesting facet of net lease is that deals get done despite where the economic cycle may be and in spite of changing fundamentals. It is the real estate industry’s de facto bread-and-butter asset class. Identifying influencers in this category, therefore, was not necessarily easy given the deep expertise that so many people have. We did it, though, selecting as we always do, those who we felt had the most impact and influence on their industry in the last year.


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