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The Value of Economic Development Incentives

We recently talked about the growing trend of commercial redevelopment projects and briefly touched on why cities love reuse projects. Simply put, they help drive economic growth and activity. And...

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The Rapid Rise in Commercial Redevelopment

As technology and construction advanced, new developments arose and older buildings were left vacant in the wake of change.

Population ebbs and flows from cities to suburbs and suburbs to cities...

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What's Causing the Infill Development Slowdown?

Since the Great Recession, infill development has been hot in Phoenix. Real estate prices were low and developers and businesses were snatching up land and vacant properties left and right....

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3 Key Factors Affecting Retail Permitting

From 2015 into 2016, we saw retail construction permitting trending upward, with commercial development activity starting to hit its stride following the Great Recession. But unfortunately, that...

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Labor Shortage, Development Costs, and How to Close the Skills Gap

The Great Recession resulted in construction workers leaving the field in droves in hopes of finding more stable careers. And many of them never returned.

Between 2005 and 2015, 985,000, or 15.8%,...

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3 Ways Technology is Changing Real Estate Development

Technology is changing everything from how we communicate, receive online product orders, power our homes and offices, and even how we drive (or have our cars drive for us). It moves forward at...

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