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The Rapid Rise in Commercial Redevelopment

As technology and construction advanced, new developments arose and older buildings were left vacant in the wake of change.

Population ebbs and flows from cities to suburbs and suburbs to cities...

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5 Things You Should Absolutely Know About the Tax Reform Bill

New deductions and lowered corporate tax rates have given many employee-driven businesses an incentive to go out and hire new workers and grow their companies.

For example, deductions for S...

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How to Handle Pesky Setbacks in Commercial Real Estate Development

There are countless setbacks, roadblocks, and obstacles between where your project is and where you want it to be. So, when a project takes an unexpected turn, will you be prepared to keep it on...

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Understanding the Site Selection Process

Location. Location. Location. We know that it can make or break a development project. But there is more to it when it comes to real estate development site selection.

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What to Expect From Commercial Real Estate Development in 2018

Another year, another look at what we might expect in the world of commercial real estate development. As the economy recovered, the commercial real estate sector followed suit, and 2018 is likely...

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3 Things to Ask When Planning Your Next Commercial Real Estate Development

When you’re looking to plan your next development project, it’s usually a sign that business is good. Whether it’s your second location or your 152nd location, it means you're expanding...

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The 5 CRE Blogs to Follow in 2018

Content. Content. Content. There’s seemingly more content on the internet than you can shake a stick at. And we’re all constantly absorbing more and more information about the world around us and...

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Our Top 5 Blogs of 2017

As we get ready to say farewell to 2017, we wanted to pay a little revisit to some of our top blog posts of the past year. We've covered topics such as commercial real estate trends, consumer...

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2017 Simon Says Recap

I started the ‘Simon Says’ column this year with the goal of providing readers with bits of helpful advice and information. I’ve passed on things I’ve learned, and tips I’ve found to be useful in...

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4 Ways to Meet Ever-Changing Consumer Demand

Whether they’re flooding stores or bogging down websites, consumers are at the helm of the changing retail landscape, driving retailers to accommodate their ever-changing demands.

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