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Don’t Myth Around When It Comes to Enlisting a Preferred Developer

Finding a Developer

For companies looking to expand through new development, one of the biggest questions is whether to handle it...

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When Change Comes, So Do Additional Costs


Thorough planning and budgeting are put into place to ensure construction costs are well managed. However, somewhere...

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Retail Enjoying a Resurgence

Retail Trends

So much for talk of a “retail apocalypse.” The surprising truth is we’re actually seeing a brick-and-mortar retail...

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How to Navigate Site Issues in Commercial Development

Site Selection

From local development requirements to subsurface problems, no site comes without its inherent risks.


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The Growing Challenges of Land Entitlement

Municipality Issues

The entitlement process is and always has been complicated, time-consuming and often costly. But to know what can be...

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5 Things to Consider When Planning This Year's Real Estate Goals

Commercial Real Estate Trends

While we may already be a month into 2019, it’s never too late to plan your goals for the year ahead. In the end,...

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The 5 Biggest Construction Risks and How a Preferred Developer Can Help

Preferred Developer

Some risks come with great reward. Others come with great challenges. Commercial real estate development is filled...

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The Value of Value Engineering

Commercial Real Estate Development Process

What is value engineering? In short, value engineering is a process by which alternate means, methods, and materials...

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The Steps to Hiring an Architect

Commercial Real Estate Development Planning

Architects offer a comprehensive service that is broken into several phases. An architect can guide you through the...

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Hard Costs vs Soft Costs

Commercial Real Estate Development

When budgeting for a commercial development project it’s important to remember that costs typically break down into...

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