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Measuring Cap Rates in Build to Suit Development

Property Values

Steady income, not having to deal with management issues, and solid tenants make build to suit triple net (NNN)...

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A Closer Look at Hard Costs in Commercial Development


When budgeting for a commercial development project it’s important to remember that costs typically break down into...

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A Closer Look at Soft Costs in Commercial Development


As part of our “series” breaking down commercial development costs, let’s take a closer look at the soft costs...

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How to Establish Accurate Site Valuation

Site Selection

Estimating the value of real estate is necessary for a variety of endeavors, including financing, sales listing,...

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5 Questions to Ask During Site Selection & Due Diligence

Site Selection

Perhaps the most overused real estate term to date, “location, location, location” still rings true today during the...

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Factors to Consider When Drawing Your Project Timeline

Project Timelines

No two projects are the same; however, the following statement should be true for every projected timeline:

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The Value of Hiring Civil Engineers


As part of our effort to break down the value of hiring different professionals (such as general contractors or ...

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How to Avoid Schedule Delays in Development

Commercial Real Estate Development Process

Oftentimes change equals a challenge in the commercial development world. 

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Aspects to Consider When Talking to Your Developer About Budget


On average you will spend approximately 18 months with your developer, so it’s quintessential to establish...

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Back to the Drawing Board: When Projects Require Site Plan Revisions

Municipality Issues

No commercial development project goes from planning to completion without a hiccup or two. From multiple site plan...

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Lessons to Learn From Retail Closures

Best Practices

The threat of the “Retail Apocalypse” has been oversaturating the news headlines for the past few years, but...

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3 Retail Companies Thriving Now & How

Retail Trends

Amazon didn’t kill retail. It’s challenging the old way of doing retail. Think of it as the circle of retail life,...

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