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4 Misconceptions of Build to Suits

When a company decides it’s time to open another location, it’s not always a “one size fits all” solution that is the most ideal. In an especially tight or seller’s market, pursuing a...

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The Risks at Each Milestone in Build to Suits

Although it may hold less risk than other types of commercial development, a single-tenant net lease development is a venture that can still get cloudy at one point or another during the project...

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5 Can't-Miss Items During Due Diligence

Inevitably, the risk involved during a single-tenant build to suit development’s project life cycle is at its highest during its preliminary due diligence period. As the name implies, the...

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3 Ways Preferred Developers Score Touchdowns

Running with a preferred commercial developer on your team means having an all-star on your side during the decision-making process, but what exactly should you know before choosing one? 

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The Do's & Don'ts of CRE Development

Commercial real estate development is quite the undertaking. Whether you're jumping into a new venture or have been involved since before mobile phones existed, everyone could use new tips or a...

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How to Avoid Schedule Delays in Development

Oftentimes change equals a challenge in the commercial development world. 

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Aspects to Consider When Talking to Your Developer About Budget

On average you will spend approximately 18 months with your developer, so it’s quintessential to establish transparent communication of your expectations within the relationship from the start. An...

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3 Retail Companies Thriving Now & How

Amazon didn’t kill retail. It’s challenging the old way of doing retail. Think of it as the circle of retail life, if you will: Companies that are most popular among the public take center stage,...

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Factors to Consider When Drawing Your Project Timeline

No two projects are the same; however, the following statement should be true for every projected timeline:

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5 Questions to Ask During Site Selection & Due Diligence

Perhaps the most overused real estate term to date, “location, location, location” still rings true today during the site selection process, no matter how much the business and technology have...

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