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Putting 'Punch' Into Remediating Your Construction Issues


A good construction punch list will define all items that need to be addressed before final occupancy and include a...
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Constructing a Credible Build to Suit Work Letter

Build to Suit

A build to suit work letter contains all of the vital construction elements to help achieve a successful commercial...
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How Rising Construction Costs Impact Property Values

Construction Trends

Construction costs continue to rise and they're having a significant impact on the value of not only new construction...
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Weaving Your Way Through Title Exceptions and Requirements

Due Diligence

A thorough review of title issues is a must for both exceptions AND requirements.
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Don’t Myth Around When It Comes to Enlisting a Preferred Developer

Finding a Developer

Here are some myths of working with a preferred developer debunked.
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When Change Comes, So Do Additional Costs


Thorough planning and budgeting are put into place to ensure construction costs are well-managed. However, at times...
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Retail Enjoying a Resurgence

Retail Trends

So much for talk of a “retail apocalypse.” The surprising truth is we’re actually seeing a brick-and-mortar retail...
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How to Navigate Site Issues in Commercial Development

Site Selection

Let’s take a look at a few ways to navigate site issues in commercial development.
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The Growing Challenges of Land Entitlement

Municipality Issues

The land entitlement phase is a process by which the development entity gains the legal right to parcel land and...
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5 Things to Consider When Planning This Year's Real Estate Goals

Commercial Real Estate Trends

From interest rates to technology, here are 5 things to consider when planning your 2019 commercial real estate goals.
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5 Biggest Construction Risks & How a Preferred Developer Can Help

Preferred Developer

There may be no phase riskier than construction. Let's take a look at five of the biggest construction risks and how a...
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The Value of Value Engineering

Commercial Real Estate Development Process

Value engineering often means improved functionality of a development project combined with increased savings and value...
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